Are We The Church You're Looking For?

Are you tired of country clubs that masquerade as churches? Do you wish churches today were more spiritually minded, and involved only in things that they are supposed to be?

The members of the Aurora church of Christ specialize in being just a church, not a sports-plex; as that is neither its work nor its purpose. The precious time that we spend together is filled with worship and Bible study, not with food and fun. Eating together and socializing should be done by brethren, but not in the church assemblies, and not in place of worship or Bible study.

Many 'churches' have merged the sacred with the secular to the point that you can no longer distinguish the two. They no longer worship in spirit and Truth (John 4:24), and because of their man-made doctrines have made their worship become vain and useless (Matthew 15:7-9).

The Bible is our only guide, and is the source for all our classes and sermons. We believe it to be the final answer to all matters of a religious and moral nature. We love the Truth and are committed to its author, Jesus Christ.

We welcome your visit. Come investigate, and see for yourself. If we are not the church you're looking for, then you might be looking for that which God never intended to be a part of His church.